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Best Car Lift installation in New Delhi

Are you having difficulty moving your cars from one floor to another? Well, no need to wonder anywhere other than ADS Elevator. The best Car Lift installation Company in New Delhi will offer you a never had I ever experience.

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Car elevators

Also referred to as 'Vehicle Elevator,' it is an elevator designed for vertical transportation of the car or vehicles inside the buildings without any single scratch or damage. These are designed to increase the number of vehicles parked in parking lots and parking garages. But various types of car lift vary according to the customer requirement and space. If you are confused about which one to choose, ADS Elevator- the best car lift installation company in New Delhi, can help you choose one.

Types of Car lift

Based on various types of car transportation, the car lifts are divided into eight types, which include-

1. four-post lift

Four post car lift is one of the most heard car lifts you will come across. The four-post car lift is suitable for both light and heavy automobiles due to its sturdy structure. As per its name, four post car lift has four corners with a rectangular base. It is primarily used for under-body repairs and wheel alignments. And are ideally known for their stability and safety features, and locking systems. These four-post automotive lifts are good options for remote parking, aside from helping in repairs.

2. Two post lift

A two-post lift is designed to raise cars and trucks for easy access to wheel assemblies and the vehicle's underside. The lift is suitable for smaller vehicles, minivans, and minitrucks. Also, it is divided into two – Symmetrical two-post lifts and Asymmetrical two-post lifts.

3. Scissors lift

If you have a small space garage, then a Scissors lift is an ideal option. It has two superimposed platforms with zig-zag retractable levers between them. Scissor lifts are used for smaller automobiles with low mass.

4. Portable lifts

One of the friendliest car lifts designs you will get through. With the simplest design of a lifting panel and supporting extensions, it is an ideal choice if you are a remote worker going to several workstations to perform your automobile tuning duties.

5. Inground auto lifts

These are another best choice to save maximum space. It does not need much of a space; you can directly position the vehicle above the elevator.

6. Alignment Lifts

Alignment Lifts help improve your bottom line by allowing you to perform complex wheel alignments faster than ever before.

7. Mobile column lifts

Mobile Column Lifts allow you to safely lift a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles quickly and efficiently.

8. Parking Lifts

Parking Lifts are another best choice for your garage or parking lots. These car lifts are suitable if you have a large car capacity.

Advantages of Car lifts

• Inside parked vehicles are protected from burglary and vandalism. • It helps protect cleanliness and paint of your vehicles • Optimizes your garage or workshop space • Off-season garage storage • Vehicle maintenance is much easier

Average cost of Car lift installation service in New Delhi According to the market, on average, the cost of car lift installation in New Delhi is around 8 lakhs to 25 lakhs, which can fluctuate according to the type of car lift installation you want. But, once installed by the ADS elevator, your car lift will not need any repairing services for years, and you can trust the ADS elevator with your eyes closed with your car installation service in New Delhi.

Car lifts of ADS Elevator

ADS Elevator is a top Car Lift installation Company in New Delhi that offers car lifts for various elevators, from small cars to big ones, designed according to various customer requirements. At ADS elevator, you will find a wide range of car lifts, including a car parking lift, two post parking lifts, four post parking lifts, a hydraulic car lift, a hydraulic lift, two post car parking systems, and two post car lift system. Our car lifts are designed and customized according to clients' requirements and their space.

Why choose ADS Elevator for Car lift installation in New Delhi

ADS Elevator is a name on the lips of every other top lift vendor in New Delhi. Because of our sleek and advanced service, we are famous as the best Car Lift installation Company in New Delhi. We offer different car lifts that are comfortable and jerk-free, reducing the risk of damage. Our Car lift installation in New Delhi is exceptionally safe, reliable, stable, comfortable, and energy-saving. We ensure that our services make work and life easy for you at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a car lift work?

The car lift works under the pascal principle of exerting weight on a definite volume of liquid. Here, the hydraulic fluid moves the levers to initiate upward movement. The electrical components of the lift help regulate the extent of pull from the mechanical parts under the influence of force from the hydraulic fluid.

2. Which is better- a four-post lift or a two-post lift?

If you want to go with a modern car elevator, then the four-post lift would be a better option to go with. However, if you want proper access to the bottom part of the vehicle, then the two-post lift can be a better option.

3. How much height do you need to install a car lift?

The height differs in each car lift case. But typically, you should have a minimum of 12-foot ceilings in your garage so that you have enough space for the car, the lift, and yourself. And don’t forget to leave 2 feet of space on each side.

4. How much power does a car lift require?

A car lift requires an average of 30amp power.

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