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Best Glass Lift installation in New Delhi

Glass lifts are the new limelight stealer for hotels, shopping malls, and High-class buildings. They work as cheery on the cake in their beauty. Glass lifts catch the passers' attention in seconds, thus becoming an essential part of modern buildings and classy architecture. And if you are thinking of adding this impressive beauty to your architecture, we suggest you go for ADS Elevator, undoubtedly, the best Glass Lift installation company in New Delhi.

ADS Elevators are known for their top-class and best Glass Lift installation service in New Delhi. We supply and install commonly used glass elevators in shopping malls, offices, multiplex buildings, and residents. Our glass lifts are designed perfectly to provide a 360-degree view of the surroundings that looks pleasing to the eyes once you board in. You can enjoy the full-on-ride without getting a hydrophobic vibe from being in a closed environment. We follow all the international design, safety, and security standards while Glass Lift installation in New Delhi.

What are the plus points of our glass lift installation?

• Elegant eye-catching design and interiors • These works on soundless operation, making the environment comfortable for users • Low power consumption • No tremors or vibration • High load-bearing capacity • Longer and durable life • Beautiful panoramic view

Different style glass elevators

Depending on their design, glass elevators are divided into multiple categories. Among which few ones are-

Cylindrical Glass Elevator

The cylindrical Glass Elevator is one of the elegant choices that operates on a winding drum system that utilizes two aircraft cables to safely and quietly move up to 400 Kg at a comfortable 30 feet per minute. The fully clear glass elevator panels offer a dramatic and unobstructed view. These are also known for maximizing spaces without requiring a shaft, pit, or machine room to be easily integrated into the building.

Vision Glass Elevators

Made of polycarbonate and designed with a clean panel, the vision glass elevators become the center point of attraction for the users. Vision glass elevators work on two different lifting mechanisms; Cable and pneumatic.

Pneumatic glass elevators

Pneumatic vacuum elevators operate by utilizing air pressure to lift the car with a vacuum seal built into the ceiling. Turbines at the top of the tube draw air from the tube above the car and pull the car upward. When the lift car reaches its designated levels, the steel brakes secure a safe landing.

Cable glass elevators

Cable glass elevators are used in both residential and commercial industries. The Cable glass elevators work on a motor and drum unit equipped at the top of the elevator shaft.

Average cost of glass lift installation in New Delhi

While considering a glass lift installation in New Delhi, the first question is cost. What is the cost for glass lift installation? We understand your concerns and thus offer maintenance and installation in an affordable and reliable price range. The average cost for installing glass elevators that compliments your décor is around 9 lakhs to 20 lakhs. What factors make a big impact on the price of installation- • The number of floors with a height • Technology used • Location

ADS Elevators- A one-stop solution

With years of experience as the best glass lift installation company in New Delhi, we ensure to serve our best to the clients. Our prices, professional team, advanced tools, and techniques are nowhere to be found. Our glass lifts are designed according to customer requirements, ensuring the safety and security of the passengers. Moreover, the ADS elevator is not for its words but known for its works. There’s no need to be in a dilemma; try and know how we work.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are glass elevators safe to use?

The glass elevators are designed using toughened laminated glass, making them reliable and long-lasting. But they securely do need extra maintenance and servicing.

2. How do glass lifts work?

A glass lift uses a vacuum system that moves the lift car up and down between floors. This vacuum system safely lifts the car and brings it back down. A brake system stops the elevator cab at the specified floor.

3. What is the maximum load capacity of glass lifts?

The maximum load capacity of glass lifts is 800- 1000Kg.

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