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Best Hospital Lift installation in New Delhi

Healthcare or hospitals are something that can never stop! And ADS Elevator acknowledges it by providing the best Hospital Lift installation services in New Delhi. We cherish their work and do all the possible things to make their work more manageable, and our Hospital Lift installation in New Delhi is one small step for that.

Due to the lack of equipment, a modern clinic is no better than a lack of hospital lift. Without a hospital lift, it is next to impossible to shift the patients from one floor to another at a faster speed. Also, after a back-breaking day, the last thing a health worker wants is to use the staircase to move from one floor to another. Thus, hospital lifts play a vital role in managing patients in a hospital, and thus best Hospital Lift installation in New Delhi becomes one of the touchy tasks.

What are Hospital Lifts?

Also known as ‘Bed lifts’ or ‘Stretcher lifts,’ as per its name, Hospital lifts are typically used in health and Medicare centers, clinics, and hospitals. Hospital lifts are different from other lifts in many prospects. They are ideal solutions for patients' safe and smooth movement, medical staff, medical equipment, and patient beds and chairs. Overall, hospital beds are easy movement holders that offer a wide range of load capacity to suit all the requirements of a modernly equipped hospital. And we, as the best Hospital Lift installation Company in New Delhi, know its value and try to serve our best.

Criteria for hospital lift installation in New Delhi

A hospital lift is one of the most complex projects one can handle because it can make a big difference by being a life-saver or life-snatcher just for a second of delay. Thus, for a hospital lift installation in New Delhi, one should ensure reliability and safety of operations. You have to be very cautious since one failure can lead to severe circumstances.

That’s why it becomes pivotal to choose the best Hospital Lift installation Company in New Delhi that can offer additional protection, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the absence of electricity.

These are a few things you should keep in mind before going for the best hospital lift installation-

• Anti-destructive- Someone may likely break the hospital lift; thus, it is necessary to have increased protection during the transportation of patients or hospital equipment.

• Carrying capacity- The hospital lift should be large enough to carry a patient in bed accompanied by hospital staff quickly. However, it is desirable to have extra space for emergency procedures and transportation of necessary equipment.

• Lighting- Typically, all the modern and best Hospital Lift installation Company in New Delhi ensures to use of LED lights that consume a minimum of energy with maximum light output. The lighting should be soothing so the patient does not get disturbed.

• Smooth riding- For transporting seriously ill patients, it is mandatory to have the lowest level of vibration disturbance, affecting both patient’s condition and the work of auxiliary equipment.

• Hygienic requirement- Hospital lifts carry patients with various health concerns every minute. Thus, to ensure the safety of every patient, the hospital lift should be made of certified materials that can be sanitized with disinfectants. Moreover, it should also be prone to damage like stainless steel.

• Convenience- Along with the low and eye-soothing lighting and sound effects, hospital lifts are designed to allow riding quickly to non-mobile patients and patients with visual and hearing impairment. Moreover, the elevator control buttons are kept lower for the easy convenience of people with disabilities.

• High stop accuracy- As hospital lifts transport patients, beds, wheelchairs, and other necessary equipment, a slight difference in the floors can create a colossal mash for the patients.

Speed and Maximum weight capacity of hospital lift

The hospital lift installation in New Delhi is slightly different from other lifts, as each second and every moment of the hospital lift can make a big difference. Thus, Hospital lifts are designed to carry a variable maximum load capacity from 1600 kg to 2000 kg with a speed rate from 0.40m/s to 30m/s.

The average cost of Hospital lift installation in New Delhi

A hospital lift installation in New Delhi with automatic door, geared traction technology, machine room laced, made of stainless steel, maximum 6, 13, 18-person capacity and other required features of hospital lift; can cost around 8 Lakh - 18 Lakh. The prices for Hospital lift installation in New Delhi could increase or decrease according to the hospital's location and the number of floors.

Why ADS Elevators?

ADS elevator is one of the best Hospital Lift installation companies in New Delhi that understands the value of the word ‘Hospital’ and ‘care.’ We have spent years getting more nourished with our professional team and advanced equipment and tools for lift installation in New Delhi. With an approach to make your life better, easy, and convenient and with a mission of lift installation in every multistorey building, hospital, mall, and office, we are moving forward. If you are searching for the best Hospital Lift installation company in New Delhi, we would love to join your journey.

Advantages of Hospital Lifts of ADS Elevators

• It offers gear safety and comfort to the patients • Increased mobility • Minimal delivery/transportation time • Wide range of technical solutions • Warranty and post-warranty services • Simple hospital lift installation and maintenance • Affordable and pocket-friendly prices

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of lifts are used in hospitals?

In general, only semi-auto, full-auto, or Hydraulic lifts are preferred in the hospitals.

2. What should be the door width of a hospital lift?

The hospital lift door dimensions must be at least 350 mm wide by 1800 mm high.

3. How many elevators should a hospital have?

There should be one-one separate lift for staff and patients in hospitals or healthcare buildings with consistent staff and visitor traffic. Furthermore, a hospital should have a minimum of two lifts and one for every 100 beds in the hospital.

4. What are the safety measure for Hospital lifts?

Installation and operation of lifts Do not overload the elevator Disinfect or clean the elevator periodically If you notice something unusual, inform the management.

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