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Best MRL Lift installation in New Delhi

If usually seen, buildings with machine rooms are affected unfavourably in terms of aesthetics and sighting, and no wonder people are moving towards MRL Lift installation in New Delhi.

Before dealing with the best MRL Lift installation company in New Delhi, one should have handy details of MRL elevators and their installation.

MRL Elevators

In our day-to-day life, we can see how we are moving back to the trend of the ’90s, and MRL or Machine room Elevators are one of the most prominent examples of that. Where lifts with machine rooms are said to deliver smooth performance, beating all the odds, MRL elevators have restructured the path to standard elevator operation.

MRL Elevators do not have a separate room for the elevator motor; the specially designed motor is installed directly in the hoistway either at the top or bottom of the shaft; eliminating the need for a traditional machine room.

Like other elevators, it moves on steel cord cable; however, MRL elevators operate on PMM (Permanent magnet motor). Therefore, the MRL Lift installation in New Delhi is quite tricky, and you need to have your deal in good hands. Machine room elevators are ideally used for low- to mid-rise buildings with up to 250 feet.

Types of MRL Elevators

In general, MRL elevators are of two types –

Traction elevator- In traction elevators, the hosting motor is installed either on the top sidewall of the hoistway or the bottom of the hoistway.

Hydraulic elevators- The hoisting motor with a pump is installed on the elevator pit in Hydraulic elevators.

But, based on design and opening; you will get to see three different designs:

Front and Rear elevator - This design is ideal for buildings that require access to the hoistway at both the front and the rear. It is also used in buildings with short floors or split-level.

In-Line Elevator - In-Line Elevators are rail-supported and provide front access to the elevator. These come in standard sizes and offer a smooth, quick ride experience.

Front and side Elevator - MRL elevators with front and side openings are rail-mounted MRLs with construction limitations but are undoubtedly unique and perfect in some instances.

Every machinery has its pros and cons; similarly, MRL elevators have both; let’s check out what are they-

Benefits of MRL Elevators

Less Space Usage - As MRL elevators do not require separate machine rooms for motor housing, thus they take far less space than the traditional elevators, making them ideal for small spaces.

Reduces power consumption - Compared to standard traditional elevators, MRL elevators use 70 to 80% less energy, which is a big yes for huge energy cost saving in India.

Extremely cost-efficient - Machine room-less elevators do not use oil, reducing costs and fire hazards, making a pocket-friendly MRL installation in New Delhi.

Designed for Small and Mid-Size Buildings - Saving space in small and mid-size buildings can be highly beneficial. And MRL Elevators are designed keeping the space limitations of smaller buildings in mind.

Low-cost installation - To reduce the cost of the extra machine room, MRL elevators offer cost savings for installation, making it affordable.

Quieter Operation - MRL elevators operate at a quieter rate of 50-55 decibels, making them ultra-comfortable, especially in smaller spaces.

Ideal for Flood-Prone Areas - As in the MRL elevators, machinery can be installed at the hoistway’s top; it is a significant choice for flood-prone areas. The height of the hoistway will keep the motor and controller out of the water and out of harm’s way.

Greater speeds - With MRL lift installation in New Delhi, say goodbye to speed issues as MRL Elevators are counted in the list of elevators with impressive speed compared to the traditional elevators.

Environment friendly - MRL Elevators are environment friendly and energy efficient with low maintenance, long life cycle, silent operation, and lower power consumption.

Comfort - MRL elevators feature a portico frame with 2:1 suspension that grantees a top-quality smooth ride.

Concerns with MRL elevators

Parts of MRL elevators are slightly expensive and are not readily available in the market. Challenging Maintenance- MRL Elevators are more difficult and costly to service.

Average cost of MRL Elevator installation in New Delhi

MRL elevators are a one-time investment with low power consumption and environment-friendly features. For a typical project of MRL Elevator installation in New Delhi, the equipment (elevator cab and machinery) would cost around 7 lakhs and go up to 15 lakhs. However, the prices could go high or low according to work.

Our connection with Elevators

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Performance standards of our MRL Lift-

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are MRL Elevators best suited for?

MRL lifts are best suited for low to mid-rise buildings with a rise up to 250 feet.

2. What is the speed of MRL lifts?

On average, the speed of MRL elevators is around 500 fpm, making them comparatively faster than other elevators.

3. Are MRL Elevators safe to use?

Undoubtedly yes! According to recent studies, the accident rate has gone down or remained the same with the growing use of MRL elevators. Moreover, MRL elevators are included in the latest Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, making them a reasonable and safe option by industry experts.

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