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Best Passenger Lift installation in New Delhi

Welcome to the world of elevators with ADS Elevators, the top and best Passenger Lift installation company in New Delhi. See more about ADS Elevator.

Passenger Lift installation in New Delhi

Passenger lifts are designed to carry people from one floor to another. These entirely closed car lifts travel vertically within a specially prepared lift shaft. Although 8 people are the most common passenger lift size, it could range from around 3 to 33 persons. Moreover, passenger lifts are tended to travel at a faster speed where it takes 18 seconds to travel between the floors.

Types of Passenger lift

• Duplex Indoor Passenger Lift – Duplex • Capsule passenger lift • Telescopic passenger lift

Passenger lifts are designed and customized in various range of sizes according to the space and number of people transported. From shopping centres to private residences, these lifts appear in various settings.

The passenger lifts with multiple designs are most suitable for-

• Any building where a lift will be used as a primary means to travel between floors. • New buildings with an existing shaft or where it is easier to build a lift shaft and create a lift pit. • Any building that needs better management of extreme traffic of people.

Advantages of Passenger lift

1. Quick travel between floors

Passenger lifts are known for their speed. Compared to others, passenger lifts are the fastest lifts, with a speed range of 0.6 meters per second.

2. Extremely space-efficient and compact design

Passenger lifts are small and effortless lifts designed to fit into small spaces with minimal disturbance during installation. Passenger lift installation in New Delhi is the easiest to go with.

3. Robust and Reliable

The Passenger lifts of the ADS Elevator are robust and reliable. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about the service malfunctioning for years.

4. Low energy consumption

Along with speed, passenger lifts are known for one more factor: low energy consumption, one of the most significant points for Passenger lift installation in New Delhi.

5. Low noise

If you are hunting for a silent operating lift for your building, the best choice would be passenger lifts. The passenger lift has low noise with VDI 2566-2.

6. Ease of installation and maintenance

With its robust and reliable design, the passenger lifts are easy to install and maintain, leading to a happy afterlife after passenger lift installation in New Delhi.

7. Reduced design space for existing shafts

Average cost of Best Passenger Lift installation in New Delhi

ADS Elevator offers the most affordable and reliable passenger lifts installation cost in New Delhi. We offer the best lift installation in New Delhi without compromising the quality of service and high-grade material, making us the prominent passenger lift installation company in New Delhi. If you are searching for a reliable and affordable lift installation service, you will be more than happy to know our prices. The average cost of passenger lift installation in New Delhi is around 6 lakhs to 20 lakhs, which could rise or fall based on the size of the lift, location, and height of the building. ‘Learn more about the services of ADS Elevator.

ADS Elevator- Best Passenger Lift installation company in New Delhi

ADS Elevator is a leading passenger lift installation company in New Delhi famous for its high quality and superior class passenger lifts for large-sized buildings, offices, residential apartments, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, government offices, and many more. Our passenger lifts are designed and installed by the most qualified and professional engineers using advanced tools and technology. Moreover, the high-grade material offers a smooth operation and long-term durability to the lift. At ADS Elevator, we offer the passenger lift installation in New Delhi to move residents, tenants, and visitors safely, quickly, and comfortably in your low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings. We are known for our passenger elevators that match the international rules and regulations.

Technical features of ADS elevator’s Passenger lift

• A high-quality motor, inverter, and controllers • Flexible to build the shaft in brick, concrete, or steel surface • High-quality safety devices to protect the user and service engineer • Standard and customized size passenger lifts are available

Why choose ADS Elevator as a Passenger lift installer in New Delhi

Along with offering a passenger lift installation service with better quality, more extended durability, and constant consistency, we have multiple plus points; that set us apart from others-

• Customized designed lift • VVVF control lifts • Our lifts are installed using advanced technology and high-grade material • Highly durable lifts • Affordable rates • Smooth operating lifts with no jerks and sound

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the design considerations for a lift?

The design considerations for the lift are based on- • Customized Entrance design- The entrance frame should be customized • Versatility- Try to bring versatility in design using various laminate, stone, glass, metals, and green products. • Professional Service- Always go for a professional lift servicing company rather than choosing randomly. You can go for ADS Elevator, the top and prominent lift manufacturer, installer, and repairer in New Delhi. • Change in color- You can use the cost-effective oxidation process to change the color of the elevator. • Ceilings And Lighting- Adding aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, veneers, and powder coatings to construct the elevator ceiling offers a unique and exclusive design to the elevator.

2. What are the main types of Passenger lifts?

Based on different technology, mainly three types of passenger lifts are used- • Traction with a machine room • Machine room-less traction (MRL) • Hydraulic traction

3. What minimum space is required for passenger lift installation in New Delhi?

In general, you need at least 20 to 25 square feet of space to install a passenger lift.

4. How do you calculate the number of lifts required in a building?

For an office building, one lift is required for approx. 50,000 square feet in use. After that, add one elevator to every two and a half floors.

5. What is the average size of an elevator?

In general, a standard elevator size is around 38 inches wide and 48 inches deep.

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