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Best goods elevator installation in New Delhi

Are you searching for the best goods elevator installation in New Delhi? Then, you have landed on the right page. Learn more about ADS Elevator.

Good Elevator Installation

In a multistorey building or apartment, the last thing one wants to deal with is the shifting of goods. It’s next to impossible to shift heavy loads and goods through stairs, and then comes the Goods Elevator. Goods Elevator or Cargo lift is the safest and most convenient way to move the goods from one floor to another. But, as accessible goods elevators can make our shifting time, searching for the best goods elevator installation company in New Delhi can be equally hectic. The Goods Elevator requires special safety measures, and so does goods elevator installation in New Delhi, and ADS Elevator is the ideal choice for that.

Goods elevator of ADS Elevators

ADS Elevator installs a powerful and efficient goods elevator that ensures high durability to cope with rough treatment and offers a smooth ride to handle fragile loads, levelling accuracy for easy loading and unloading of material, and with doors that maximize in-car space. Our goods elevators are typically larger and are capable of carrying a maximum load capacity of 100Kg to 3000Kg. The goods lift designed by the ADS elevator plays a major role in moving goods in a wide array of fast-paced environments like hotels, leisure, manufacturing, and hospitals. Just in case, our goods lifts are installed within a few days; and are maintained and serviced by our engineers.

Types of Goods elevators


Also known as Food lifts, restaurant lifts, hotel lifts, or micro lifts, these are small service lifts ideal for small, hand-loaded goods. These are majorly used in the hospitality industry, private homes, dental/doctor surgeries, libraries, and even naval patrol boats- any place where smaller goods' swift, safe movement is required. The dumbwaiter goods elevator has a maximum load capacity of 50-100Kg and needs to be fitted with the precise specification.

Trolley Lift service

Roll cage lift, Small palter, or Service lift are small goods lift and ideal for the movement of goods up to 500kg between a maximum of six floors, including lower grounds.

Platform goods lift

The platform goods lift helps you shift loads safely, quickly, and easily up to 200Kg from one floor to another.

Goods lift with heavy loads.

To shift loads of 200Kg to 300Kg, these are easy and safe to use with simple call-and-send push-buttons, equipped with secondary interlocked gates behind the lift car door to protect the goods during transit.

Goods attendant lift

These lifts are beneficial for spaces where stairs are remotely located to save time and energy. It allows goods to move accompanied by staff.

Advantages of goods Elevator

• Carry Heavy loads • Easy repair or replacement • Maintenance of goods elevator is generally easy compared to other elevators. • Goods elevators mainly focus on speed, thus designed for faster movement and speed for transportation. • Designed with the latest technology against corrosion or humid environment • Flexibility in sizes, different types, and RAL colors

ADS Elevator – Best goods elevator installation company in New Delhi

ADS Elevator is a leading goods elevator installation company in New Delhi with years of experience in hands. We are known for our convenient and easy-to-use goods elevator used in every other building/ office/ hospital in New Delhi. We have the expertise for lift installation anywhere within no matter of time and offer you the best advice regarding sizes, the loads to be carried, use of the goods lift, and safety.

Special features of our goods elevator installation in New Delhi

• Doors are both manual and automatic according to the client’s requirement • All door doors are fitted with limit switches • If any door is open, the Lift will not operate. • Easy to use and maintain

Average price of best goods elevator installation in New Delhi

If you are tired of hearing costly prices for goods elevator installation in New Delhi, then it's time for you to stop at ADS Elevator. We are not only the best goods elevator installation company in New Delhi but also works on the affordable and reasonable installation costs. On average, the best goods elevator installation in New Delhi can cost around 4 lakh- 20 lakhs; but the prices can fluctuate according to the number of passengers, maximum load capacity, and floors.

Why Choose ADS Elevator?

When it comes to goods elevator installation in New Delhi, you can rely on ADS Elevator. With years of sweat, hard work, and experience, we have earned a good relationship with our customers at every stage, from concept to completion.

• We make shifting journeys easy and convenient • Offers quality range goods elevator • Obtainable at competitive prices • Safe and timely services • 24x7 customer service

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I know what type of goods elevator is perfect?

The choice of goods elevator depends on- • The type of goods you want to move around your building • The site constraints • Frequency of use • The maximum load capacity for loading and unloading

2. Can I travel in the goods elevator while shifting?

No, a goods elevator is only designed for shifting goods; if you need to travel with your goods, you will require an attendant-controlled lift with controls inside the lift.

3. How do the doors open on a goods lift?

Goods lifts come with a choice of door configurations. At ADS Elevator, we offer hinged doors to give the largest opening or concertina doors that fold back either outside or within the lift aperture to save space in front of the lift.

4. What are the operating controls of the goods elevator?

The operating switches for the goods elevator are on the landing entrances of the lift. You can send or call the lift from each landing.

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